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Karta Popular Kondisaun Estrada Dare Atu Kotu: Sei Fo Impaktu Ba Aktividade Komunidade Iha Suku Dare 06 April 2011


Public Notification

The Broken Condition of Dare Road:

 Affecting the Activity of Dare Community 



Road become as basic infrastructure which is important within national development process. Road will facilitate activities like social, cultural, and economic within community, therefore such infrastructure should to maintain within good condition. In 15 February 2011,  Director of Luta Hamutuk had invited as spokeperson within local authority’s meeting organized by UNMIT, to talk about infrastructure development in Sub-district of Vera Cruz. During the discussion process, Luta Hamutuk received a proposal from village leader of Dare to conduct advocacy toward condition of road in Dare village.

Based on such proposal, Luta Hamutuk then conducted monitoring toward this road by gathering relevant data. The result from this activity will be presented  within this karta popular, including difficulties faced by the community, therefore get such inttention from State Body, immediately.  

Profil of Dare Village

Dare is a village which part of Vera Cruz sub-district, Dili district. Total population in this village is 3019, composed from 1659 male and 1360 female, and total of household is 520 spreaded in 10 sub-villages. Around 75% from total population live within agriculture sector, to produce supplies like Corn, fruit, vegetable, coffee and palm wine.

Difficulties Faced by the Community

Difficulties faced by the community in this village is the broken condition of road which connecting Fila Be´e Ba Tua sub-village to 4 others sub-village namely Kulau 1, Kulau 2, Lelaus, and Casanava. The broken of road is caused by heavy rain which occured during October 2010. The impact of such condition toward Dare community is explain below:

  1. Education

The condition of road have been affecting education activity since cars which carried supplies for School Breakfast program couldn’t be able to pass this road. This supplies are objected to ±300 person in primary school of Lelaus and ± 50 students in pre-secondary of Catholic School in Dare.

  1. Health

Activity in health sector also affected by the broken condition of such road since ambulance couldn’t be able to carried out patient, therefore disturbing ‘siska’ program within 4 sub-villages of Kulau 1, Kulau 2, Lelaus, and Casanava. Meanwhile population in these sub-villages (Kulau 1, Kulau 2, Lelaus, and Casanava) face such difficulties to access Health Post, where took place in Fila Beé Ba village.

  1. Economic

The major of economic activity among community in this village is agriculture and small bussiness. Based on facts gathered by Luta hamutuk from village leader, the majority of vegetables which supplied into Comoro and Halilaran market are coming from Dare, particularly sub-village of Casanava. However, if the condition of such road do not immediately being repair, the community will not be able to access related market.

  1. Socio-cultural

One of the most important activity among community is within socio-cultural sector. In order to support such activity, road has an important rule in facilitating community  to conduct social and cultural communication. Social-Cultural interaction within and toward other sub-villages is impossible to perform without good condition of related road.

Luta Hamutuk’s Observation Result

Based on monitoring within input phase which have been explained in previous paragraph, Luta Hamutuk and the committee would like to convey several opinions like below:

  • Luta Hamutuk observes that this road has an important rule toward community as this facilitate them within important sector like Education, Health, Economic and Socio-Cultural.
  •  Luta Hamutuk observe that if the government through its state organ, particularly State Secretary of Public Facility do not give sufficient attention toward this case, the activity of Dare’s community will be disturbed.


Based on the result of monitoring activity, Luta Hamutuk would like to convey several of recommendations toward state body like below:

  • Recommend Prime Minister to take action aim to resolve difficulties faced by the community of Dare village; trough allocating emergency capital toward State Secretary of Public facility, therefore could be able to utilize for rehabilitation of such road.
  • Recommend National parliament, particularly G Commission of Infrastucture Issue to consider and resolve difficulties faced by the community of Dare; therefore government, particularly State Secretary of Public Facility could be able to respond on the urgent condition of such road.
  • Recommend the government, particularly State Secretary of Public Facility to conduct rehabilitation toward such road, therefore reduce difficulties faced by the community of Dare, in conducting its activity on daily basis.

That is our Public Notification, thank you for your attention.


  Dili: 4 April  2011

Mericio Akara

       Executive Director of Luta Hamutuk

           (+670) 7263783