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WB & IMF Annual Meeting, Washington, Oct-07 27 October 2010

Report on Annual Meeting of the World Bank Group and the IMF Washington, United Stated of America on the invitation of the World Bank and IMF Civil Society Team, Luta Hamutuk sends Mericio Akara (Program Manager), to be participated in Annual Meeting of the World Bank and IMF in Washington. This meeting was divided into two forum which were Civil Society Forum, held from 17-22 October 2007 and Formal Meeting Forum of the World Bank/IMF member held from 20-22 October 2007. Both forum has close relation but difference in its agenda and took place in World Bank/IMF Main Office, Washington. Discussions, information shared and argued were occurred in each forum. However, meeting between two forums were informally allowed.

Civil Society Organization Forum (CSO Forum)
Participants in this forum 25 people of CSO cross regional representatives, like from Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia, South East Asia, Asia Pacific including Australia and China. In this opportunity Luta Hamutuk as one of CSO in Timor Leste became the member of Asia Pacific region.

Materials to be discussed in this event were as follow:
• Overview of the World Bank and IMF (History, Organizational Structure, Major Policies).
• IFI accountability to discuss the effectiveness of the World Bank Inspection Panel in providing relief to communities impacted by World Bank projects, and to share ideas for addressing any current challenges to the effectiveness of the Panel.
• IFIs in Post-Conflict Countries: Role, Activities, Impacts Sharing Experiences: Local Responses to Problematic IFC-funded projects in the former Soviet Union
• From climate and carbon to forests and finance: risks and prospects of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility
• IMF Governance Structures, Board Accountability, and Transparency
• Promoting and Scaling Up Demand Side Engagement to Improve Governance
• Universal Access to Basic Services in Developing Countries: The Case for Public Health and Education
• Moving Beyond the Privatization Debate-New Approaches to Financing Water and Electricity
Additional Agenda/Activities during CSO Forum were as follow:
• Meeting between CSO with the President of World Bank, Mr.Robert B. Zoellick and the president of IMF, Mr. Rodrigo de Rato
• Meeting between CSO Asia region with Vice President of the World Bank for the East Asia and South East Asia Region
• Discussion on MDG substance with one of the Congressmen in Capitol Hill
• Discussion on debt issues with Jubilee USA Network in its main office
• Participated in one Seminar: Trends and Challenges in Globalization - The Global Expansion: Prospects and Risks
• Participated in Press Briefing: Asia Pacific Economic Outlook
• Meeting with comrades from ETAN, Washington to discuss emergent situation in Timor Leste
• Informal meeting with two former of World Bank Director of Timor Leste to discuss and update emergent situation in Timor Leste, including Luta Hamutuk’s activities.
• Special meeting with BIC Washington focused on Budget Monitoring and Revenue Watch.

Basically, there were a lot of activities during this time which were the benefit for Luta Hamutuk from getting new perspective and other new information especially on budget and oil and gas revenue. Luta Hamutuk also had the opportunity to inform and promote the work of the institution within CSO member and other international institution.

CSO forum seemed to assemble CSO representatives with people from WB/IMF so that this event wouldn’t consider as close and exclusive meeting. In the same time, it will ignore assumption stated that WB/IMF was bureaucratic and less transparent. CSO, anyway, still have to remain their independency during this meeting by continued to shared information with WB/IMF and among other CSO member even criticized any WB/IMF policies which considered destructive for the development countries, especially for them who receive debt from WB/IMF.

Luta Hamutuk had also an opportunity to share experiences and knowledge with CSO participant and to build relation with people from WB/IMF, thus obtaining also any information about WB/IMF policies on Timor Leste. Luta Hamutuk had impressed many participants during discussed on Budget Expenditure in Timor Leste as well as Oil and Gas Revenue monitoring.

Networking was occurred with CSO participant. Informal agreement also ocurred between Luta Hamutuk and Jubelee US, ETAN, as well as BIC in order to share information and documents on budget monitoring, revenue watch, justice for Timor Leste and Anti Debt issues. Luta Hamutuk is at their list to routinely get new information on such topic mentioned. In contrary, Luta Hamutuk will also inform their activities in budget issues in Timor Leste. Back to Timor Leste, Mericio Akara had already prepared special topic on Globalization, Debt and its Impact as one of the TOT material given to Luta Hamutuk’s focal point, held in Dare, 6-8 October 2007.

The important of being participated in WB/IMF Annual Meeting
Technically Luta Hamutuk was invited as one of CSO in Timor Leste which get trusted and opportunity from WB/IMF to attend on annual meeting. Principally Luta Hamutuk would like to share to other CSO participant that this institution has their specific experiences in evading corruption practices, monitoring national budget as well as oil and gas revenue. Thus, by sharing experiences and knowledge our creativity will enrich which will be benefit for the work of the institution. Networking will widen also which is very important to get promoted in international level. We hope that in the future Luta Hamutuk will get it appreciation not only in national level but also international level especially on promoting economic rights and justice who have been obvious in its Vision and Mission.

There was such of big opportunity for Luta Hamutuk to share and learn knowledge as well as experience in international level especially on budget, revenue, transparency and promoting economic rights and justice.
Gradually, this experience will continue to share among Luta Hamutuk member and other CSO in Timor Leste.
This opportunity had also put Luta Hamutuk in international network cycle. Thank you for WB/IMF for giving such experience and we hope that this will followed by other qualified event.