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International Human Rights Training, Montreal, Jun-07 27 October 2010

Annex 6: Report on International Human Rights
Training Program (IHRTP)
Montreal-Canada: June 9-29th, 2007

22International Human Rights Training Program (IHRTP) annually held in Montreal, Canada, attended by participant’s nation worldwide. Luta Hamutuk participated in this 28th program together with member from other NGO, Human rights Institute, public official and Human rights Educators. This program was exciting since it developed by EQUITAS Canada as non-formal Human Rights Education program, in order to increase knowledge and capacity of participant as well as opportunity to build relationship between Human Rights Institute in terms of Universal Culture on Human Rights.

Participated in this event were 129 people coming from 60 nations part of 4 continents like Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Europe. Languages used in this program were English and French.

Human Rights Education
This 2007 training program discussed and presented substances focused on Human Rights Covenants. Participant were guided to think and reflect how to provide this kind of education in their institution and promote to the people of their own.

Human Rights Education is an obligation for everybody especially in how to carry this program to bring positive effect for society, therefore becoming everybody’s commitment to empower them. Concerning the important of such obligation IHRTP's educators and facilitators developed this human rights education program based on scientific theories and practical experience to approached with participant so that they could use it to analyze the human rights covenants that have been implementing in their country.

IHRTP’s Method and Material
During three weeks of training IHRTP gave an opportunity for participant to share their knowledge and experiences through nation’s case study regarding the implementation of human rights covenants and the obstacles they’ve encountered. This also facilitated space for participant to reflect and evaluate the implementation process of human rights covenants based on the method used in this training. Important material were: (1) UN on Human Rights Convention which have been ratified by each nation; (2) UN protocols; (3) Causes and Advocacy study as well as; (4) Conflict transformation and human rights education
Participant divided into groups, each group in each class consist of participants from different countries and region, provide an opportunity to have better collaboration in many activities and discussion, give support, and share their idea in how to cope with military, police and government in promoting human rights issues.
Participatory method was used in order to enhance creative in analyzing human rights violence and discrimination all over the world. It was excited since discussion became very dynamic and encourage participant to actively involved.

Significant impact for Luta Hamutuk from Training
Since the establishment of this institution, Luta Hamutuk were responsible for liberate people out of economic problems. Thus being participated in this training was indeed relevant because one of important covenant which is International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights also discussed as one of the most important universal principle in liberating people out of poverty, illiterate and give them life opportunity which are along with our mission.

Being recognize on human rights approaches was also the benefit for Luta Hamutuk. This highlight human rights as an obligation and moral responsibility from different aspect and how to introduced and value human rights in social, economic and political practices.

In addition, IHRTP 2007 opened communication space between participant from different nations with different obstacles regarding human rights issues, built solidarity and humanity for everybody including people from government to put an emphasis on world stabilization process which mean out of international crisis caused by human rights violence and discrimination.

Luta Hamutuk consider that, this training was a strategy in increasing capacity of its member to get more input from different aspects in developing also module and material for any other activities. Furthermore IHRTP was also a strategy to increase knowledge in Economic Justice area, therefore every staff become aware in doing advocacy by always looked at rights aspect, obligation and responsibility.
Another consideration was that Luta Hamutuk's member are allowed to participate in the next training, therefore every member can have better capacity in Human rights education and give positive impact to our country.

We appreciate EQUITAS Canada in giving us a chance to participate in this annual training of IHRTP, hopefully we can joint in the next 2008 training program.