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Training of Trainers, Bangkok, Feb-2007. 27 October 2010

Annex 5: Report on Training of Trainer (TOT) in Bangkok-Thailand

021From 7-12 February 2007, Mericio Akara, member of Luta Hamutuk took part on TOT in Bangkok-Thailand, which organized by International Human Rights Training Program (IHRTP) Canada. Participants were as much as 30 people, coming from South East Asia Region, including East Timor. Focus was at Economic Social and Cultural Rights (ECOSOC).

The objective was to increase capacity and knowledge among Human Rights activists and human rights defenders especially in Economic, Social and cultural aspect. This was also an opportunity for activists in Asia region to share their experience regarding topic focused.

Conclusion was drawn stated that, ECOSOC rights in Asia still faced many challenges, thus, important for activist to be always tried to promote this rights through their organization. Alliances and cooperation were set up in terms of changing information and documents through email or website, giving support as well as making solidarity statement.

Currently, implementation was run by Luta Hamutuk according to the training result, in terms of how to organize and to involve local community to participate in defend their economic rights through National Budget Implementation Monitoring Committee. A Committee was then established in Lautem district to monitor and analyze budget that have been used in infrastructure project in this area.

Why this training?
Based on Vision and mission of this organization which stated “Fight for Economic Justice” and “Promote public participation in fighting for economic justice”, we believed that it was important to deeply gain knowledge about the International Convention on Economic, Social and Cultural rights. Fight for economic justice means fight for the implementation of people's economic rights and cooperation between activists in and outside the country were needed. Thus, this TOT had close relation with our mission and vision. In addition, Luta Hamutuk could have broader network with other institution, participated in the international event, and improved English language skill which were consider important for our institution.

Information and experiences gained from this training were beneficially significant for Luta Hamutuk in terms of improved our services and responsibilities as well as tightens and broaden network with other activist in the international level. We hope that Luta Hamutuk will have strong influences within and outside the country, to be fitted in any training, seminar as well as workshop whenever needed. Economic justice is everybody business, thus our commitment to fight strategically in promote this rights as our consequences to be an international activist in East Timor.