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Community monitoring improves the delivery of projects in Timor Leste 21 May 2012

Celestina a courageous integrity builder! 

Timor Leste, Asia?s youngest nation, has suffered fromyears of conflict and mismanagement that have destroyed up to 70% of infrastructure and stifled efforts to alleviate poverty and food insecurity. The Timorese people, however, are taking action to improve the reconstruction process, and thereby their own lives.  Celestina volunteers as a community monitor for Luta Hamutuk, an independent Timorese organisation that is fighting corruption by building the long-term capacities of communities to demand accountability and participate in decision making.


Co-founder of Luta Hamutuk, Mericio Akara says, ?when reconstruction projects are monitored by local communities, then we can ensure transparency and results.? Celestina says, ?Before, I was a wife at home; my job was to serve my husband, my children, and other men that have meetings in the village office. I dropped out of school when I was in sixth grade, but now I have learnt how to write reports, I am more confident to sit together with men to discuss problems in my village, speak in public and support people in my village to resolve their problems like in the case of clean water projects. These are the most significant changes in my life after becoming a volunteer monitor.?


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