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Enhancing the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative 21 February 2013

Enhancing the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

A position paper submitted by the full and alternate civil society members of the EITI
International Board1 prior to the EITI Oslo Board meeting on 26-27 February 2013



The 26-27 February meeting of the EITI Board in Oslo represents an important moment in the evolution of the EITI. Throughout 2012, the Board considered how to revise its rules in order to improve the quality of EITI reports and their impact on accountability and good governance. This process has featured extensive discussions within the Board and the constituencies represented therein.2 Civil society has contributed actively in every stage of this process.

The new rules are expected to be issued at the EITI Global Conference in May 2013. The Oslo board meeting is the final chance for the Board to address outstanding issues. A draft of the new rules was distributed in advance of the meeting. In many ways, the draft represents a significant upgrade in the EITI’s standard and will help to make it a more worthwhile initiative. Below we address several of the key issues that remain undecided or where the draft text requires significant improvement.

The decisions which are taken in Oslo will determine the impact which the EITI is able to have on bringing about improved transparency and governance of the natural resource sector.


Please find  a position paper from the civil society members of the EITI International Board at:

The following countries are represented on the EITI International Board< EITI Board 2011-2013_0.pdf>

The Oslo position paper< civil society position paper 18Feb13.pdf> and contract transparency position< - CSO Briefing on Contract Transparency Consultation Dec2012.pdf> paper are also available on our future of EITI page here: