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Let's be Honest : Corruption, Business and Aid 09 February 2013

CAFOD new Paper - Let's be Honest : Corruption, Business and Aid ! Quote : Mericio Akara works for CAFOD’s partner Luta Hamutuk in East Timor. He is unequivocal about why clear and reliable information is so important. “Because we know where this money comes from and how it is taxed, we are able to understand where it goes and how the government spends it. It’s an important step in the fight against corruption.”


The abuse of power for private gain

The umbrella term of ‘corruption’ covers a range of actions, each of which involves an abuse of power for private gain. Corruption can and does occur in any sector, public or  private. Corruption and its consequences can  be serious and it is important to distinguish actions which are corrupt from those which may only be considered harmful or morally dubious. For example: tax evasionis a form of corruption which involves breaking the law to reduce the amount paid in tax; whereas tax avoidancerefers to actions within the law aiming to minimise tax paid. Other forms of corruption include

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