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Workshop / Training

25 March 2012

Despite the fact that Timor Leste has an abundant supply of oil and gas revenues, its citizens are among the world’s poorest. Since independence in 2002, limited progress has been made on the country’s twin objectives of  economic growth and poverty reduction in the framework of the ...

Field Visit
11 December 2011

Direitur Luta Hamutuk halao Field visit ba distritu Liquisa hodi koalia ho komunidade ne'ebe faan sasan iha estrada ibun ne'ebe hetan estragus bainhira tempu udan, no komunidade hato'o ona ba Guvernu (Obras Publik) maibe seidaukl hetan responde to'o agora.

Focal Point Training - Training on how to conduct monitoring and advocacy of reconstruction process, Joao Paulo Training Centre, Jun-08
26 October 2010

WORKSHOP REPORT“Monitoring and Advocacy on Reconstruction Process”12th-14th June 2008 INTRODUCTIONTimor Leste as a post conflict country was categorized into poor economic country. Although the reconstruction process was going on for almost 7 years already. That is why Luta Hamutuk as a ...

Report on Two Days Workshop
26 October 2010

 EC Program Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Date : 10-11 March 2010 Place : Aula of Catholic Sisters, Audian, Dili, Timor Leste   Participants : Luta Hamutuk Staffs (10 people), Focal Points (8 People), University Students (2 People) Facilitators : Ivan Kent (CAFOD Pro ...