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Report on Two Days Workshop 26 October 2010

 EC Program Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)

Date : 10-11 March 2010

Place : Aula of Catholic Sisters, Audian, Dili, Timor Leste


Participants : Luta Hamutuk Staffs (10 people), Focal Points (8 People), University Students (2 People)

Facilitators : Ivan Kent (CAFOD Program M&E Advisor), Emanuel Bria (ECPC, Luta Hamutuk)  



The workshop was carried out from 10-11 March 2010 facilitated by CAFOD and Luta Hamutuk. Participants include all Luta Hamutuk staffs, focal points from six (6) districts (Dili, Ermera, Aileu, Lospalos, Viqueque and Liquisa), and university students from UNTL who are currently doing practical work in Luta Hamutuk office.

The workshop was aimed to develop a monitoring and evaluation plan to track the progress of EC funded program. As set in the objectives prepared by CAFOD and Luta Hamutuk, the workshop was seek to develop a plan for data collection, analysis, reporting – output level M&E and a plan for outcome & impact level M&E.

The workshop was undertaken through presentation (lecturing) from facilitators, question & answer (Q&A), group work / discussions and group presentations. Results of the group work are presented in the attachments.


Process of Workshop

Day 1 :

Morning Session: Ivan Kent presented the objectives, output level M&E and group work (See  Attachment 1)

Afternoon Session: Emanuel Bria presented outcome & impact level M&E and group work (See Attachment 2)

Results of Group Work

I. Output Level M&E (See Attachment 3

II. Outcome Level M&E (See Attachment 4)


Day 2 : Morning Session: Ivan Kent presented recap of previous day, groups divided into two (2) to develop tools for outcome level M&E –  ladder tool & questionnaire see attachment 5: (Evaluation Plan) & (Tracking Progress & Impact) 

Results of Group Work

I. Developing Ladder Tool for Focal Point Assessment (See Attachment 6)Developing Questionnaires for Faktus Information Assessment (See Attachment 7)  

Lunch, Group Photo, Sayonara

Feedbacks from CAFOD

Recommendations provided by CAFOD after the workshop are :

  1. Plan prepared during the workshop will be developed further and shared with all staffs and focal points for feedback before finalization (Emanuel & team).
  2. Draft final M&E plan to be presented to CAFOD for review and comments (Emanuel)
  3. Templates for reporting (monthly, quarterly, six-monthly, annual, end of program) to be standardized for Luta Hamutuk (Emanuel & Team)
  4. Reporting lines to be clarified (Luta Hamutuk Management Team)