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MEETING INBRIEF, Monitoring and Supervising Committee for Infrastructure Development (KMSPDI) Sub-District of Bazartete, District of Liquica 21 May 2013


In relation with monitoring activity toward State General Budget (OGE) which poured into infrastructure project fiscal year of 2013, Luta Hamutuk conducted meeting with community, local company and local authorities which considered as member of KMSPDI Sub-District of Bazartete. This meeting was aimed to prepare such monitoring plan toward infrastructure projects in 2013.  This meeting considered as important, since such activity was aimed to share information toward members of the committee, particularly in respect of development being conducted in Sub-District of Bazartete as well as the implementation of state budget both within national and rural level.  In addition, Luta Hamutuk would have such opportunity to directly listen to preoccupation from Focal Point and member of KMSPDI in respect of development problems being faced within rural area during certain of time. Luta Hamutuk was also able to directly observe the process of development which being implemented in Sub-district of Bazartete.



  • Update results from monitoring and advocacy of projects which being monitored by the committe during 2012.
  • Create monitoring plan and advocacy toward infrastructure projects 2013.
  • Distribute Faktus Informasaun in respect of Oil Industry, State Budget and List of Infrastructure Project for fiscal year 2013  toward members of KMSPDI



This meeting was organized on Thursday 25 April 2013 in Committee Head Offiice in Bazartete,District of Liquica.



Participants within this meeting were around 21 persons who composed from members of the Committee; 3 women and 18 men (See Annex of List of Paticipants).

The composition of participants were like; representative of Bazartete Administrator, Director of Health Department, Police representative, Local Company, local Authorithies, youth representative, women representatives and Focal Points.



Through this meeting, Luta Hamutuk together with member of the Committee have finally created Advocacy Plan toward 2012’s projects as well as Monitoring plan toward Infrastructure project of fiscal year 2013. Projects which have been identified already to be monitored and conduct its advocacy are like:




  • Water canalization toward Metiluli, Knua Saramata, village of Metagou: this project have interupted by other project.
  • School facility toward E.P no 245 in Railco Craic village: such facility need to be completed.
  • Water project in Lauhata village: water pump has broke.
  • The construction of water system (solar cell) in Leorema village(being canceled since 2010-2012): to investigate its budget.
  • Electricity project in Kutulau, village of Leorema: this project has been abandoned in 2012.
  • Road project, which ligate Aipelu with Bazartete: the road needs for rehabilitation.



  • Conduct monitoring toward Electricity project in Leorema.
  • Monitoring toward School of Fatumasi (Infrastructure Fund).


Through this meeting, member of the committee conductted discussion in respect of cancelation problem within water project in Leorema village (began in 2010 untill 2012). In relation with this problem, Luta Hamutuk and technical secretariate had conducted advocacy already within national level.  However, Government and relevant Ministries haven’t responded yet toward such problem, though such problem considered as crucial toward community. Apart from that, member of the committee has already identified problem within electricity project in sub-village of Kutulau, since the project hasn’t been able to benefit people. Some of pilars have break while its wires have canalized only in top section. Therefore member of the committee asked technical secretariate as well as Luta Hamutuk to immediatelly conduct advocacy within national level.



It was obvious that through this meeting, member of KMAIOD continued to show its commitment along with voluntary spirit, aimed to monitor infrastructure developments (physical projects) which have been identified to be applied in 2013 within sub-district referred.



Luta Hamutuk, 26 April de 2013


Augusto Ruas Monteiro

       CNI Officer