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MEETING INBRIEF Monitoring and Supervising Committee for Infrastructure Development (KMSPDI) Sub-District of Tutuala, District of Lautem 21 May 2013




In relation with monitoring activity toward State General Budget (OGE) which poured into infrastructure project fiscal year of 2013, Luta Hamutuk conducted meeting with community and local authorities which considered as member of KMSPDI Sub-District of Tutuala. KMSPDI is a monitoring committee which established in 2012 in Sub-District of Tutuala, Lautem District aimed to conduct control upon the process of physical development in this area. 


This meeting considered as important, since such activity was aimed to share information toward members of the committee, particularly in respect of national development and the implementation of state budget both within national and rural level.  In addition, Luta Hamutuk would have such opportunity to directly listen to community’s preoccupations in respect of problems being faced during certain of time. Luta Hamutuk was also able to directly observe the process of development which being implemented in Sub-district of Tutuala.




  • Update results from advocacy of projects which being monitored by the committe during 2012.
  • Create monitoring plan toward infrastructure projects 2013.
  • Distribute Faktus Informasaun and List of Infrastructure Project for fiscal year 2013  toward members of KMSPDI



This meeting was conducted on Friday 05 April 2013 in Hall of NGO ONE Mehara village, Sub-District of Tutuala-District of Lautem.



Participants within this meeting were around 14 persons who composed from 8 members of the Committee and 6 persons of Luta Hamutuk team 6 (See Annex of List of Paticipants).

The composition of participants were like; representative of Tutuala Administrator, Director of Primary School of Mehara, Local Company, local NGO, youth representative, Focal Point and Luta Hamutuk team.



Through this meeting, Luta Hamutuk together with member of the Committee have finally gained important result; the identification of new projects which then being listed and put into monitoring plan 2013, in addition projects of 2012 as well. Projects which have been identified already to be monitored are like:

  1. Continue to monitor Road project which ligate Mehara-Tutuala (project of fiscal year 2012)
  2. Continue to conduct advocacy toward water canalizing project in Mehara village (Project of fiscal year 2012)
  3. Project of the expansion of water distribution line in Tutuala village (Project of fical year 2013)
  4. Construction Project of Animal Medical Center in Mehara village (Project of fiscal year 2013)


Within this meeting, members of the comiitee conducted discussion in respect of the implementation process of infrastructure project, particularly road and water canalization which have been monitored by the team during that time. Monitoring activity toward these project last year, have been able to identify certain problems. Though Luta Hamutuk had already conducted advocacy toward national level, however the member of the committee assume that the government hasn’t been able to resolve such problems, particulalrly those which happened within the implementation of project. For example; within the project of water canalization, the results hasn’t been able to meet with standard since wholes continuously happened which caused commnunity insisted for rehabilitation. Within this meeting member of the committee have also conveyed problems in relation with water project such as, unhealthy/clean water which could prejudiced the health status of community.




It was obvious that through this meeting, the member of KMSPDI continued to show its consistency and commitment to conduct collaboration with one another, aimed to monitor upon the process of physical developments (physical projects). These  projects have been identified already and being put into monitoring plan for 2013. These projects considered as PDD’s project, being implemented in Sub-District of Tutuala in fiscal year 2013, in addition projects of fiscal year 2012 as well.



Luta Hamutuk, 07 April 2013


Agusto Monteiro

CNI Officer