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Report on briefing with NGO Woman Caucus members Dili: 1st of February 2008 31 July 2012


Luta Hamutuk is an organization that have been conducted its responsibilities through such activities like monitoring, research, advocacy and campaign on State General Budget issue as well as oil and gas revenue. The important is that how to communicate clearly on such issues to the people thus they can have good understanding on Petroleum Fund as well as State General Budget. Therefore advocacy and campaign on both issues are needed targeted to every component that has any interest on Petroleum Fund and state General Budget. Luta Hamutuk with its vision to struggle for economic justice trough people participation, has it obligation and responsibility to extend information to the communities through some research, advocacy and campaign on state general budget process as well as petroleum fund revenue as general program of the institution.



On 1st February 2008 Luta Hamutuk had invited by an NGO named Caucus to conduct briefing in Vila-verde-Dili. The information needed by this institution to be explaining by Luta Hamutuk was Petroleum Fund and government policy on state general budget execution. The invitation occurred since Caucus believes that Luta Hamutuk is an institution which well known and closed with both issues. Briefing was run from 14.00 am until 16.00 pm.



Principally, the objective from this activity organized within Caucus a well as other places was to share information to the people who interest in knowing basic knowledge on Timor Sea and Petroleum Fund issues. The activity was intended also to maintain good relation with civil society therefore collaboration could be done in the future.



Materials presented by Luta Hamutuk team on this briefing were as follow:

  • State General Budget, presented by Zenilton Zeneves, Luta Hamutuk staff
  • Petroleum Fund presented by Jose da Costa, Luta Hamutuk staff
  • Production Sharing Contract presented by Elio P. Guimaraes, Luta Hamutuk staff
  • Oil and Gas reservation presented by Manuel Freitas, Luta Hamutuk focal point
  • Maritime Boundari presented by Idelfonso, Luta Hamutuk focal point 



Participant attended within the briefing in Caucus office composed from: 

  • Staff of Caucus NGO: 5 person
  • Staff of Aifunan NGO : 3 person
  • University Student : 4 person 



There are indication within the discussion, showed that enthusiasm was really emerge among the participants since many question were raised as well as suggestion recommendations stated by them as will explain below: 

Ms. Dominggas da Costa (Staff of Aifunan NGO)

  • How to conduct on production sharing?
  • Dissatisfied with production sharing contract, applied recently within JPDA
  • To suspend on production process until Timor Leste have on their own expertise to conduct development 

Ms. Meca (Student)

  • How many is our oil and gas reservation within JPDA?
  • How to proceed on Petroleum Fund execution? 

Ms.Terezinha (Director of Caucus NGO)

  • Is there money from Budget of civil Year 2008 spent for non-physic development?
  • In what extend is transferred budget used for? 

Ms. Azis (Staff of Aifunan NGO)

  • Based on agreement between Indonesia and Australia on 1972, does Indonesia have also right on oil and gas?
  • Whose name to put on oil and gas site within JPDA?
  • What about to suggest the government to allocate some of the state budget to support the work of NGOs? 



Issues on state general budget as well as petroleum fund revenue have become important things to be considered since there are people who still haven’t know yet including CAUCUS NGO, which organized briefing at this time. Briefing was run smoothly from presentation session till discussion, supported by sufficient length of time till it finish. Enthusiasm were among the participant during discussion session since the material presented by Luta Hamutuk team consider as new to them, mostly less acknowledge with the issues.