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Manufahi District : Briefing in Sub-District Turiscai, Sep 21, 2007 26 October 2010

Briefing Report on Oil and Gas Issues and State Budget
In Turiscai-Same District

13This briefing became successful because of good cooperation between Luta Hamutuk and PERMATIL. Turiscai is on of Permatil target place during one year, starting from 2006-2007. Even though PERMATIL just focus on Agriculture issue, but they also need to hear other necessities from population in the target place. Thereby, when the community on Turiscai was asking the information on oil and gas and state budget, PERMATIL tried to facilitate the community to collaborate with Luta Hamutuk to do briefing session in Turiscai.

On 21 of September 2007, Luta Hamutuk team, consist of Joaozito Viana, Mericio Akara and Remigio Vieira arrived in Turiscai, even though with the bad road. In Turiscai, PERMATIL and the local community prepared themselves to attend the discussion with Luta Hamutuk team. The community built a tent for one day discussion. The discussion ran well and was facilitated by PERMATIL member. Therefore, Luta Hamutuk team was jus doing presentation.

At about 45 populations attended the discussion. The balance of the participants is different, 70% were men and 30% were women. According to information found, there was minimum participation of women because they were preparing lunch for their family at home and because of patriarchal system in Timor as well. Counting from the stakeholder and representative, there is balance as there was representative from local authorities, such as 4 chief of village and 3 chief of sub village. There was also representative from traditional leader. There were youth representatives and including women representative. One of the benefit was that, all member of PERMATIL were attended the discussion. It is important because the members of PERMATIL still live with the community there and they may continue disseminating more information on oil and gas and state budget.

The materials used by Luta Hamutuk team are as follow:
• Maritime border
• Reserved oil and gas in Timor sea
• Production sharing contract (Bayu undan)
• Petroleum Fund Update
• State Budget
14Actually, there are still other materials, as used in other briefings that have been conducted in many places, but because the Luta Hamutuk team was not complete, therefore the materials were given limited. After the presentation of the materials from Luta Hamutuk, we provide more information in the discussion session/debate.

The effectiveness of the participants in the discussion is higher. Because in the discussion, majority were asking question and giving comments on the materials explained. Generally, most participants were questioning and provide comments on the execution of the state budget. They were asking on how the government may execute budget on their place, especially on repairing their bad road because the road to Turiscai is broken and without asphalt. In relation to the oil and gas, most Participants were asking question on maritime border and product sharing contract. They were asking on why we have not decided the maritime border between Australia and East Timor? And why we have to share the oil production with Australia? Because, many questions and discussions went well, therefore they were asking on the limited time prepared for the discussion. They proposed the discussion to be held in 2 or 3 days so that they may understand more clearly on the issue.

The briefing went well because there was collaboration from PERMATIL. The participants really prefer to know the oil and gas issue and state budget because it is new and important. Luta Hamutuk team considers some suggestions from the participants in order that in the future the discussion will be improved and better. The time for the discussion will be reviewed. Moreover, we will review on how the information explained may go to all community Turiscai through the participants. The follow up from the briefing is that, there were 2 participants from Turiscai attended TOT from Luta Hamutuk in Dare November 2007. Through these two people, the information on oil and gas and state budget will be updated by the community and as well as through PERMATIL good collaboration in Turiscai-Same District.