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Dili District : Briefing with Liquisa Christian Youth, Feb-2008 26 October 2010


Liquisa, 1st February 2008

12Luta Hamutuk is a non-government organization which has been focusing its monitoring activity on Oil and Gas as well as State General Budget. According to this programme thus Luta Hamutuk conducts one of its advocacy methods which is Briefing. Briefing is objected to disseminate basic information on oil and gas as well as State general budget to the population regardless of race, group, class, ideology or religion. Luta Hamutuk considers that the issues are important and everybody has their rights to access basic information regarding these topics. On 1st February 2008 MEC-TL had invited Luta Hamutuk, as spokes person on Leadership training program took place in Oeska-Liguisa, to speak on both issues. José Alves da Costa had designated as person in charge for Luta Hamutuk presentator team within the training.

Five topics were then prepared and consider as basic information given to the communities within every briefings organized by Luta Hamutuk. Topics are; Maritime Boundary, Oil and Gas Reservation, PSC, Petroleum Fund, as well as State general Budget. Presentation team were focal points namely Jefrino, Teodozu, Manuel Freitas, and Luta Hamutuk staff like Elio, Zenato, and Aze.

Attended in this event were composed from leadership training participants, youth of catholic and Christian representative and all were more than 30 people.

Antonio Da Silva as MEC-TL coordinator for the leadership training said that; MEC-TL had knew less about information on oil and gas as well as state general budget and never as clear as directly had just explained by Luta Hamutuk. Starve about such information, he then clarified that inviting Luta Hamutuk is a way to get right and clear answers on questions like how much is our oil reservation, how is the exploitation process going right now, as well as where is oil and gas revenue and have been used for what sector. By knowing the information on these questions he hoped that he and the institution can communicate it with community.
In the meantime, a moderator coming from Student Christian Movement stated that he felt satisfy with the information consider as new for them since except for natural resource belong to this state, she/he knew nothing about further information on oil and gas as well as state general budget process until today explained by Luta Hamutuk. Although time was limited to conduct discussion, but they felt that it had paid off since Luta Hamutuk brought also with them “Faktus Informasaun” which would explain more detail on topics had presented through such of high technology equipments. He also apologizes since there were less support from electricity to run the projectors, and once again be grateful that Luta Hamutuk could anticipate it manually thus learning process run smoothly.
A participant named Natalia said that, she felt satisfy with the information moreover since the information is given by youth of Timorese who understand very well on both topic. She asked Luta Hamutuk to be always welcome whenever they visit its office in Farol Dili, in order to obtain any information regarding oil and gas issues.