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Dili District : Briefing in Sub-District Atauro, April 7-11, 2008 26 October 2010

Atauro Sub-district, Dili District, Timor Leste
07th-11th April 2008

05Luta Hamutuk Institution is a National Non-Governmental organization with its objective to struggle for social and economic justice within the country. According to this objective, Luta Hamutuk conduct its work through research activities, monitoring as well as advocacy on the execution of state general budget and revenue coming from oil and gas exploitation within Timor Sea. In order to realize its objective, different activities have been conducted by Luta Hamutuk like training of trainer, Seminar, and grassroots Workshop. These including also briefing for communities and target group who consider to be difficult to access such information on oil and gas as well as state general budget which have been concentrated within national level during this time.

Luta Hamutuk realize that the smallest thing within fundamental right of citizen, especially in democratic nation like Timor Leste, is sufficient access to informations for every people to be comprehend. Access to information is another form of people’s participation in development process (Participatory Democracy) within the country. Therefore, as part of civil society as well as small component within the state, Luta Hamutuk has a responsibility to give contribution on development process. Expectantly that such of contribution will give meaning/valuing on democratic norms in this country thus generate people’s participation on development process through such program had mentioned above.

Briefing/grassroots workshop with communities is a package program, consider to be important for people living within basis level where access to any informations is critical and in the meantime the information itself are important to be well understood and monitored as well. Without enough information the people’s dinamic of life will be deteriorated and less progress will exist among them. Therefore lack of information become a big obstacle and good mechanism should to create thus access is possible and people become racognize on any information within their daily life. Based on this reason, Luta hamutuk believe that Briefing activity is an alternative mechanism consider to be efficient and effective for its advocacy program, at the same time as a mean to distribute basic information regarding issues on state general budget as well as petroleum fund.

During a week of period which was from 7th till 12th April 2008, Luta Hamutuk team composed by executive staff and its focal points had organized briefing activity for communities within Atauro subdistrict which consist of 5 villages like; 1. Maumeta Vila, 2. Maqueli, 3. Bequeli, 4. Macadade, and 5. Beloi.

1) Maritime Boundary. Presentation team; Idelfonso (Luta Hamutuk focal point), Zenilton (Luta Hamutuk staff), and Akara (Luta Hamutuk Programe Manager)
2) Oil and Gas Rezervation. Presentation team: Manuel (Luta Hamutuk focal point), João (Luta Hamutuk focal point).
3) Production Sharing Contract. Presentation team: Francisco (Focal Point – Luta Hamutuk), (Staff - Luta Hamutuk), and Zito.
4) Petroleum Fund presented by Luta Hamutuk team namely; Martinho (staff – Luta Hamutuk), and Ato
5) State General Budget presented by Luta Hamutuk team namely; Yuli (staff – Luta Hamutuk), Jose (staff - Luta Hamutuk).

1) Welcoming speech from local leaders
2) Programe Introduction
3) Topics of Presentation
4) Discussion
5) Evaluation making with participants
6) Conclussion.

1. Day one
Maumeta Vila village, Atauro sub-district, Dili district
Monday, 7th April 2008
Place: Head Office of Maumeta village
Time: 09.00 am – 17.30 pm

Participants were around 41 people attended in this occasion and among them were chief of the village, Chief of the sub village, Village council, youth community, leaders of political party and public officer including the Directors of primary school as well as Atauro Clinic.


2. Day two
Makili village, Atauro Sub-district, Dili District
Tuesday, 8th April 2008
Place: Head Office of Makili village
Time: 09.00 am – 17.30 pm

People participated in this briefing were around 38 people composed by:
• Local authorities ( Chief of the Sub District, chief of the village, Chief of the sub village and Village Council),
• Representatives of political party
• Representative of religious group
• Youth representatives
• Students
• Public officer
• Women group and,
• Common people.


3. Day Three
Macadadi village, Atauro Sub-district, Dili district
Wednesday, 9th April 2008
Places: Head Office of Macadadi Village
Time 09.15 am - 16.20 pm.

Total participants attended in this activity were around 40 people, 2 women and 38 men, and they were:
• Local authorities (Chief of the Sub District, chief of the village, Chief of the sub village and Village Council),
• Representatives of political party
• Representative of religious group
• Youth representatives
• Students
• Public officer
• Women group and,
• Common people.



4. Day Four
Biqueli village, Atauro sub-district, Dili district
Thursday, 10th April 2008
Place: Head Office of Biqueli Village
Time: 09.15 am - 16.20 pm

Total participants attended in this occassion were around 40 people, 3 womenand 37 men, and they were:
• Local Autorithies (Chief of the Sub District, chief of the village, Chief of the sub village and Village Council)
• Youth representatives
• Women representatives
• Public officer
• Political party representatives.
• Civil society member
• Common people



5. Day Five
Beloi village, Atauro sub-district, Dili district
Day/Date: Saturday, 12th April 2008
Place : Head office of Biloi Village
Time : 10.00 am - 16.300 pm

Total participants attended in this occasion were around 26 people, all men and they were:
• Village leaders
• Village councils
• Chief of the sub village
• Youth community
• Political leaders
• Religious leaders
• School teachers

The Objectives from one week briefing organized by Luta Hamutuk in five villages within Atauro Island were as follow:
• Provide clear information based on facts and reality regarding State General Budget and Petroleum Fund Revenue therefore communities can observe and closely accompany.
• To strengthen relation/network between Luta Hamutuk and community within basis level as well as share information to each other
• Increase capacity of the community and local authorities therefore they can use it to control and accompany, by themself, state general budget process which also means to control their own natural resource.
• To facilitate people thus they could directly take participation on national development process
• As a tool to identify which participant who has a commitment to become Luta Hamutuk’s focal points for Atauro sub-district

During discussion took place on five villages, participants showed an enthusiastic sphere in order to listen to presentation run by Luta Hamutuk team. They were also critical, intended to get clear information on state general budget as well as petroleum fund by raised questions and gave suggestions as explain below:
Faustino Gomes (Leader of Maumeta Vila):
• Luta Hamutuk presence should not until today thus we’d like to put the programs into our annual program therefore collaboration will still maintained in order to give contribution to development process. We will seek clarification to Luta Hamutuk if there are something that seem to be uncleared
Maria E. Soares (women representative):
• Based on information your team had explained to us, we consider that it has inspire us to motivate our children to get their education
Januario de Oliveira (village community):
06Why don’t resolve firstly on Maritime boundary before conduct exploration and exploitation activities on our natural resource within Timor Sea?
• We had heard about Profit share of oil production which stated that Timor Leste received 90% and Australia receive 10%, but Luta Hamutuk had explained to us more detail on this issue Therefore we are now have a good understanding on: why should shared with Australia?, Why the companies receive double profit which are cost recovery, credit investment and profit shared as well, and things like when they will proceed on such recovery cost and what happen after recovery phase?
Paulino Ximenes (Youth representatives):
• How about researcher’s intention to conduct research within JPDA area?
• It will be better if Timor Leste government as well as Australia be sited and take decision on Maritime Frontier
• Does Timor Leste have its own human resource expertise on oil and gas?
Nicolau de Jesus Soares (Political Leader):
07 Why Australia have also its right on Timor Sea’s oil and gas?
Patricio de Jesus (village community):
• It is clear that Timor Leste is a state said to be rich with natural resource but we, the people don’t feel it since the government do not realize its programs just like what they had said during campaign
Maria Soares (a house wife):
• Why Australia conduct illegal exploration within Laminaria, Coralina and Buffalo sites?
• The best thing to do is took decision on Maritime frontier before conduct exploration.
Jose de Araujo (Youth representative):
• Why do the companies receive a lot from production sharing contract?
• How to share on the rest of oil?
• Where the raw oil is will bring to?
Faustino F.C da Costa (village community):
08 We had heard from radio and saw on TV that Luta Hamutuk have been closed with this issue up till now. How does Luta Hamutuk’s perspective know that as a rich country of natural resource, development within basis level like Atauro are almost none?
• Luta Hamutuk presence has enlightened as well as inspires us to stand up on our feet and took control on development activities within the country.
• How to write such proposal and submit to the Government?
Acacio de Araujo ( Village leader):
• People still don’t know the process on making such proposal to the central government since the central government official never conduct socialization on this matter?
Joanina (a midwife contract functionary):
• We had known nothing about state budget and its function, therefore Luta Hamutuk presence today is very important. Many problems had happened here, so we wonder if the government have any regulation regarding contract employee. Power abuse has been happened since many
of health equipments within Atauro Hospital been used, as if they are private things, by certain people, so what is Luta Hamutuk perspective on this case?
Antonio Gabriel Soares:
• How about government plan on Petroleum Fund?
• Why do the government save the money into American Bank?

09Before termination of the discussion Luta Hamutuk team together with participants always conduct evaluation on briefing process during the day. Evaluation becomes ultimate session before termination. The objective of this activity is to provide an opportunity thus participants can stated their suggestions or input as well as conduct critiques and auto critiques to Luta Hamutuk team, its material and presentation method as well. Evaluation consider to be important for Luta Hamutuk since it can act as inspiration for the next activities, while it can use also as a mean to identify the level of participant’s understanding regarding material had presented. Suggestions within evaluation session stated by participants were as follow:
• Administrator: Information on some issues like state budget and its function are consider to be important, therefore I, as Atauro sub-district administrator entrusted Luta Hamutuk to continue on shared such information to us.
• Leader of Maumeta village: we will put this program as our annual program and we’d like that this will continue thus people could be more active on development process.
• Dominggos de Araujo Soares (Youth Leader): We’d like to thank for Luta Hamutuk and its program organized here in Bigueli village, since this program can help Bigueli community recognize and understand on issues regarding state general budget and Petroleum Fund from Timor Sea. We ask Luta Hamutuk team to announce the government to conduct development in Biqueli village since there are some schools right now which have damage already and people have no place to trade their local product. This is also the consequence from people’s lack of knowledge regarding proposal making to submit to the government since the government have never conduct socialization on this matter. Village council have always conducted meeting every week, however there were no result gained from this activity. In the same time sub-district administrator have never conduct meeting with Village council to talk on such issues.

Facts have showed, during the whole process of the briefing, that there are indications where Atauro people have lived with less of knowledge since the access for such important information like state general budget as well as Petroleum Fund are not sufficient. Anyway, participant feel glad with Luta Hamutuk presence trough such briefing programs since they then understand many important information affecting their daily life. Some of them express their satisfaction with Luta Hamutuk presentation since it was enlighten their mind especially on both issues.
Enthusiasm were among participant during briefing activities in order to listen and learn on materials being presented since these consider to be important. Therefore with such of knowledge they expect that they can accompany on country development process, even less this is their right as Timor Leste citizen in order to know every policy regarding natural resource like oil and gas. People were also proactive as well as critical during briefing in order to get clear information on their natural resource by asking many quetions as well as suggestions refered to Timor Leste government, hope that they can manage these resource to develop this beloved country thus guarentee our future generation.