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Aileu District : Briefing in Madabeno Village, Aug 24, 2007 26 October 2010

Briefing Report on Oils and Gas Issues and State General Budget in Madabeno Village, Laulara Sub-district, Aileu District
Laulara: 23 August 2007

Luta Hamutuk is on of the NGO that works in infrastructure development process within this country through 2 important issues such as; State budget execution and oil and gas. These two are the general program of Luta Hamutuk in order to reach economic justice for the people. Luta Hamutuk believes that there has to be participation of all societies in the process to economic justice, all societies has to be given capacity and knowledge on the general state budget execution and Petroleum Fund that have become a basic step to the development.
Therefore, Luta Hamutuk create a capacity building program to the community in rural areas by giving them briefing on all development process then they may participate, monitor or control the development itself. The topic of discussion provided by Luta Hamutuk in order to know the process before and after the general state budget and oil and gas are as follow:
- Maritime Border (Elio/akara)
- Reserved oil and gas (Leo)
- Production sharing contract (Zito/Laka)
- Petroleum Fund (Aje)
- General state budget (Ato/Zenato)

The community may understand all the process on the execution of general state budget and oil and gas and therefore they may also participate in all development process in east Timor. Moreover, the main objective is to achieve economic. This briefing is aiming to prepare local authority, youth and community to the next training with next level in November 2007.

In the briefing, Luta hamutuk’s beneficiaries is local authorities (sub district administrator, chief of village and sub village, village council) who become
bureaucracy line of government and the information will be transferred to the community by them. Meanwhile, there was also direct participation from the community, women representative, youth, teachers, and PNTL Police. This briefing may help Luta Hamutuk to identify community and youth who can become vocal point of Luta hamutuk in rural area so that they may provide information on General state budget and Oil and gas to community based.

During the discussion, the topics that really attract the participants were; Maritime border, product sharing contract, and Petroleum Fund that participants discussed a lot. The following are some of the question and suggestion:

Jose Mau da silva (Laulara community member) First, I observe the border line between Timor and Australia, Australia and Timor are competing, both want to get more area by putting the line according to their knowledge. But thee after the all explanation I have finally found that the process has been going on. As grass root people, it is new for us. It is the first time for us to know on our wealth from Luta Hamutuk. This issue is new for us; a year before we got information on the expenditure and income of the government but now there is no big change, we are still selling things on the street and no one cares! Perhaps we are to rich therefore it brings more disputes to our tiny country.

Martinho Dos Reis Araujo, community development organiser (CDO) Laulara. In relation to the border, East Timor government has to do define quickly the border between east Timor and Australia, East Timor need to do approach or negotiation with Australia. East Timor wants to do negotiation but why Australia does not want to define the border with Timor?
Mr. Jacinto Borges (a teacher of Laulara pre secondary school). First thing that we need to do is that we have to send our children to school. When they are educated and become engineer in 2020, they may work in JPDA. If they have knowledge and defend our sovereignty no one will steal our wealth. I understand a bit! If the border 85% to them, then the person who is responsible for the platform will get 8.2 and under the 60% and 40% still get royalty or not?

From the discussion Luta Hamutuk conclude that there is enthusiasm from participants to know general state budget issue and oil and gas, but some terms used related to oil and gas was difficult to be understood by participants. In the next training Luta Hamutuk is going to simplify the terms used in order to make the participants more active.